Wearing a Rolex Daily? Wear It to Work, Bed, and Interviews?

Rolex is a watch with a lot of heritage, prestige, and value. Therefore, wearing the watch can, at times, feel like you’re bragging or showing off. Because of the value of Rolex’s, you can feel exposed to theft. That is some irritating thoughts to carry around all day.

You should wear your Rolex every day. Rolex watches are true workhorses and will, with a little care, last forever. Therefore, you can wear it with pride. The main concern you should have is areas with high rates of crime.

When all comes down to it, you are wearing a watch you’re enjoying. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t buy a Rolex if you didn’t like the timepiece. Therefore, it’s totally fine to wear your Rolex every single day.

Should I Wear My Rolex Every Day

How Often Should I Wear My Rolex?

Owning a Rolex watch is almost a miracle in today’s world. Rolex has created waiting lists, and many boutiques won’t sell you a desirable watch unless you have to spend a lot of money in the store.

According to many new Rolex buyers, the waiting lists and the amount spent in the boutique are determining how desirable a Rolex they are allowed to buy. My point is, wear the watch with pride. There are people waiting for years to get one!

Wearing a Rolex often is good. Wear the watch as often as you are comfortable with. Getting a Rolex is often difficult due to the price and the rarity. Therefore, Rolex watches should be worn with pride. The Rolex watch(es) should be appreciated, which can only be done when worn.

If you let the Rolex sit in a vault or a drawer because you are scared you might scratch it, you might as well sell the watch to someone that can appreciate the watch.

Rolex is a brand that has high quality reputation
Rolex is a brand that has a high-quality reputation.

The main reasons people fear wearing their Rolex watches is because of 4 things:

  • Fear of being robbed.
  • Fear they will damage their Rolex.
  • Fear people will look at them as a fancy-pants.
  • Fear the Rolex watch will devalue when worn.

Each of these 4 problems is fully legit. Many thieves target people wearing luxury items. Furthermore, damaging a Rolex is not a cheap matter. Repairing a Rolex can cost up to $1,000, which is no joke for ordinary people (like me).

Another aspect that is tabu in the watch community is the signal you send to other people when you are wearing a high-end watch. People could easily assume that you have inherited a lot of money and just “wasted” them on luxury goods.

It can also disturb your work environment if you go about “flashing” with a Rolex watch. Most people have no idea what a Rolex costs, other than it’s expensive. And therefore, many might assume you got a silver spoon up your ass (excuse my French).

Fear of Being Robbed

The fear of being robbed it totally a relevant fear to have. You are wearing something with 2x to ∞x the value of your phone, and just as easy to steal. Bark & Jack’s Adrian had a close call with thieves that wanted some quick money.

The fear of getting robbed wearing a Rolex watch is an actual thing to consider. Areas with high crime rates or areas with scammers is something to avoid. Pedestrian streets with a lot of shopping options is places known for sleight of hand robberies.

Therefore, if you have any plans of going to this type of high traffic areas, leaving the Rolex at home might end up being the best way to enjoy the watch long term.

Adrian from Bark & Jack has been close to thieves in London. This just goes to show that even cities and countries that are regarded as safe can have some rotten eggs.

Bark & Jack’s story about almost getting robbed of his Rolex Submariner

The price of my Kermit, Rolex Submariner 50th anniversary, just kept going up, and I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing that value of a watch as a daily watch.

Adrian from Bark & Jack

Travel agencies, tourists, and hotels worldwide advise people to leave their jewelry and high-end watches in their hotel, out of sight from potential thieves.

This advice is primarily addressed to people not knowing the area they are in. E.g., when you are a tourist in a new country. There are a lot of things to learn from national statistics or tourist guides.

But rather than risking your watch on a trip, it can be a good idea to leave the valuables in the hotel safe the first couple of days.

Fear Damaging Your Rolex

Damaging a watch is not fun, regardless of the brand of the watch. When dealing with mechanical watches, you will end up spending at least $500 to repair a watch that is damaged.

However, it’s an irrational fear to wear the watch with the fear of damaging the watch. You don’t get in your car every day with the fear of crashing the car. There is no shame in looking out for your things, as long as you’re rational about it.

It’s okay to fear damaging a watch. Damaging a watch is a rare occurrence. Modern watches are made to withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with being on a wrist. Rolex is no exception. Rolex is seen as a robust and reliable watch no matter what situation it’s put in.

Another thing about Rolex watches is that some people intentionally “damage” it. Regardless, what you think of the undecorated casebacks of the Rolex’s, many get engraved personal things into their Rolex.

If people are voluntarily engraving their Rolex watches, you shouldn’t fear some scratches or dents. Most scratches and dents are possible to get puffed or polished. What you might fear is damage to your Rolex, which is beyond repair. Although there are many ways to damage your Rolex, some extraordinary has to happen. Daily wear doesn’t kill watches.

Fear Being Seen as a Fancy-Pants

Let’s face it, Rolex watches was tool watches decades ago. Now Rolex is a luxury brand. Hence you might get seen as a fancy-pants if you walk around with a Rolex. However, the judgment is very dependent on the culture you’re in.

It’s a rational fear to be looked down upon for having luxury watches in cultures where all are equal. In Scandinavian culture, it’s considered showing off when wearing luxury items. In contrast, culture such as America it’s an expression that you have “made it.”

The main difference between the Scandinavia and American culture is that in Scandinavia, there is a very socialist (politically far left) mentality, and Americans (politically far right) have a very “Everyone is the architect of his own fortune” mentality in contrast.

“I never wear my Sub to work. People say never dress nicer than your boss.”


Therefore, in socialistic cultures, you might be seen as fancy-pants because the common thinking is that everyone should have access to the same things; no one is better than others, etc.

In contrast, if you have a Rolex in America, many might look up to you because it symbolizes wealth because of luxury = wealth.

The contrast is not that black and white. Nonetheless, you should consider the environment you are in. If people with a far-left mentality is your work environment, you might need to reconsider if you fear judgment.

However, you should always wear you Rolex with pride and don’t let others opinions dictate whether or not you can wear that good looking Rolex!

Fear Devaluing Your Rolex Watch

While damaging a watch will undoubtedly decrease the value of a watch, Rolex has a reputation for increasing value.

In fact, I did a study to find out which watch brands appreciate in value and which don’t. Rolex is one of the brands that increase in value year after year.

An investigation of more than 90 watches across more than 25 brands concluded that all watches loss 16% of their value. You can view the entire table here.

History has shown that Rolex is highly unlikely to decrease in value. That is not to say that a couple of Rolex models is not going to drop in value. Furthermore, if you are to damage the watch beyond repair, it will lose all its value.

It’s highly unlikely that you will damage the watch if you use the watch as intended. Hence, wear the DayDate to the office and the Sea-Dweller to the diving trip.

The Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary is only buying watches that he likes, but only if they have a financial upside. Among Mr. O’Leary’s favorite picks for investment watches are Rolex watches.

If you get your hands on a Rolex, take it with you on the wrist anywhere you go with pride. It’s a reputable watch brand that has made tool watches for decades. Although they are considered luxury watches now, they are still durable and robust.

Should I Wear My Rolex to Bed

Many put their watch on the nightstand, others feel naked without their watch on the wrist. To tell you the truth, there is no right or wrong here. I wear my watch 24-hours a day.

At the of the day, it comes down to personal preference. There is some additional wear on the bracelet of the watch. Other than that, there is not much to it.

Should you wear your Rolex to bed? There is nothing bad above having the watch on the wrist while sleeping. However, sleeping with your Rolex with loosening the links of the bracelet faster.

Your wrist is expanding and contracting the whole day based on how hot you are. Hotter means thicker wrist, and colder means thinner wrist. The degradation of the bracelet will, therefore, happen quicker the more you wear the timepiece.

You might have seen some of the vintage jubilee bracelets that can almost bend to the case’s crown. If you haven’t seen this 90-degree bend, you can go to this rolexforums thread and see an old jubilee bracelet that has been stretched.

The stretching is caused due to the wear of the links and the pins. While this “loosening effect” can’t be avoided, sleeping with the watch will accelerate the process. It’s completely natural that the stainless steel will give in over time. It doesn’t matter whether the watch is a Rolex or Seiko. The bracelet will always stretch over time.

If you own a Rolex with a jubilee bracelet, I won’t wear it to bed, and if you have the oyster bracelet, I wouldn’t mind. This is just my personal opinion as I rarely see heavily stretched oyster bracelets in contrast to jubilee bracelets.

Should I Wear My Rolex to Work

Rolex watches are prestigious luxury watches and known by many. Some people will look at the watch with great respect to the timepiece, and some will think you are getting paid way more than they are.

Rolex watches are good for office work but can work in construction jobs as well. There are plenty of stories of people wearing their Rolex watches in all types of jobs.

It comes down to how cautious you are with the watch. If you afford to get a Rolex covered in cement, asphalt, etc., you can wear the watch too heavy labor jobs, no problem.

However, if you have plans to sell the watch down the line, you might want to keep the watch’s condition.

“I’ve been wearing my 16800 Sub since 1986 or so. On construction sites daily, wearing it no matter what I do. If I were operating a heavy demo hammer, I would take it off and put it in my pocket. otherwise, I have plumbed, painted, excavated, mixed concrete, and mortar, anything you could possibly imagine.”


There is also the argument that “never dress nicer than your boss.” While this is a cultural aspect, this is an important aspect to consider if you don’t feel like offending other people.

My argument is that you didn’t buy the watch to leave it at home. Then political correctness can take a walk. I will gladly explain my passion for watches if someone notices the watch that I’m wearing.

Wearing a Rolex to an Interview

Wearing a Rolex watch to an interview is just fine. Most people might not even notice the watch. Furthermore, it can be an indication that you are doing good financially (because of the value of Rolex’s).

Wearing a Rolex to an interview is a part of showing your personality. This can affect the interview positively or negatively, just like any other qualifications. Hiding your Rolex is like hiding a part of your personality, which doesn’t look good for an employer.

However, it can also backfire as some view the Rolex watch as a way of bragging. Personally, I would wear the watch for the interview. You are not hiding anything, that means your passion for watches.

Rolex GMT Master-II
Rolex GMT Master-II

However, please do not make it a deceiving factor. You shouldn’t wear the Rolex to brag or make yourself stand out as rich. In other words, don’t pull a full-blown “fake it till you make it” by trying to qualify for a high paying job you are not qualified to do.

The Rolex watch is expensive, and people know you have put money into it, but don’t try to be like, “Look, I got Rolex, I got this watch by managing x, y, and z.” Just be genuine and tell the interviewee how you got the Rolex if you are asked. It’s not a crime to own luxury watches.

Having luxury items can some places be seen as flamboyant. E.g., in Scandinavian countries, there is a culture of a flat equality hierarchy. Therefore, having a luxurious watch might not do you any good if noticed in a job interview.

But then again, it’s a cultural thing. You got to know your place. If the workplace doesn’t culturally allow you to wear your watch, is it the right place for you then?

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