Recommended Entry-level Sports Watches

Casio GA100-1A1CR featured

For the price of approximately $50-$100, there is no watch that I would recommend over the Casio GA-100-1A1CR. You get so much watch for the money at this point. It is a watch that you can use as a true beater without caring too much for it as the price is low, and a replacement wouldn’t be noteworthy in a normal budget. However, when I purchase a watch, it is not just to think of the replacement, I expect the watch to last. The Casio GA-100-1A1CR is a watch that will last.

Casio GA100-1A1CR

Jomashop has some amazing prices for watches, including this one. You can see the watch here (open a link to Jomashop).

So why is the Casio GA100-1A1CR the best watch in this price range? It is quite simple:

  • Mineral crystal.
  • Water resistant to 200 meters.
  • It is very feature rich (stop watch, alarms, countdown timer, world time 29 times zones (48 cities + utc)).
  • Illuminated hands.
  • LED light in dial.
  • Date and day calendar.

Many watches in the price range have plastic crystals. The plastic crystals are in technical terms stronger against shocks, but scratches very easily. However, the mineral crystals will not look as used as a plastic crystal. It is possible to polish both, but having a plastic crystal would increase the interval in which polishing is needed.

Watches in the category rarely features water resistance. Having the Casio featured 200 meters water resistance is beyond expectations in this price range. The Casio GA100-1A1CR can be used for diving and other water activities.