About AllInWatches

AllInWatches.com was created in 2020 as the founder Jonas wanted to get deeper into the world of horology. Since 2015 where I bought my first automatic watch, I have learned a lot about watches.

Therefore, I decided to start a blog/site/website(whatever you prefer to call it), get myself deeper into horology, and share the knowledge I have learned through the years.

AllInWatches.com was created to explore the deeper sides of horology and to educate and introduce people to watches. I have never thought much of watches until I purchased the first automatic watch, and the sales assistant started mentioning all the things you have to do with an automatic watch.

From the experience of purchasing an automatic watch, and almost scared to wear the watch due to the overwhelming information from the sales assistant, I wanted to start this blog to educate people on what they should actually do with their watches.

From experience, I have learned that people are scared to wear their watches. The watch stores often make mechanical watches to be something fragile that is supposed to be treated with caution. This is far from the truth.

Going hunting, swimming, bathing, working, traveling, and everything in between with my watches for several years has given me the confidence to wear my watches with pride and not scare away from wearing them.

Purpose of AllInWatches

AllInWatches.com is meant to be an educational resource for anyone interested in watches, or have specific questions related to watches.

Although mechanical watches is the biggest passion of mine; quartz watches will be covered as well.

AllInWatches will also be covering alternative accessories for watches, such as straps. In addition, I will share the experience of watch handling and maintenance.

The maintenance aspect will be based on the experience I have gathered through talks with local watch repairers, watch stores, and recommendations from different watch brands.